lunes, julio 25, 2005


the perfect summer afternoon

i was über-responsible this morning. woke up relatively early for my annual physical/pap smear, went to the municipal court to resolve my traffic ticket, then picked up my classroom keys and began the hella boring process of dusting off spiderwebs and setting up the room.

then my day got wonderful. a friend and i were supposed to go toobing, but as soon as i had changed into my suit and had begun to apply sunscreen, things fell through. so we had a gloriously yummy mexican lunch with shrimp dishes and drinks followed by movie watching followed by a long relaxing swim with two of my favorite friends =) (who happen to read this blog regularly). to top off the perfect summer afternoon, we went to a local joint for milkshakes and corndogs. halfway into my corndog, "the boys of summer" came on the radio. beautiful.

my friends rock. summer vacation rocks. la maestra está muy muy contenta.

i would like to take the opportunity to correct la maestra's spelling because she NEVER spells anything wrong. i think it's tubing. this is like the toepick scene in one of the best movies of all time, the cutting edge. except i'm not pretending to hate la maestra because i'm secretly attracted to her. that darn d.b. sweeney. he stole my heart when i was thirteen and i never got it back.
Sounds great. I need one of those days minus the pap.

I'm not gonna lie, it's not my first time here. Nice reads here.
We need to all get together again! Si, like go run or go eat or go drink or get a pap--or all of them pero not at the same time! :P
sorry hatter, i spell it like it is. do a google search if you don't believe me... ;)

cesar, let's do it! i'm busy thursday (unless you want to go toobing too!) and saturday but that's it.
i was willing to concede until i found some sites that referenced tubing as tubing. the right way. ;) i was so close to a toepick. so close. yet so far away.

but the real reason for this comment, because i'm too lazy to email: how do you get your accents like the n in espanol or the dots over the u in uber to work?
on a PC, go to the start menu, then accessories, then character map. it'll give you alt-(four digit combination) commands for all accented letters and foreign punctuation (example: i think alt-0127 is í... on an iBook right now so i can't double check). on an Apple, the keystrokes are a breeze... for your standard Spanish accent, simply type alt-e and then the vowel. for the oomlat, alt-u then the letter u. for the tilde, alt-n and the letter n. etc. easy peasy lemon-squeezy!
did you use the word "hella?"
damned straight!
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