miércoles, septiembre 21, 2005


y ahora esto

my two favorite co-workers are being hostile as all hell. a few weeks back, another catty co-worker insinuated all kinds of insulting things about me and a friend. luckily, the more experienced teacher next door is actually asking for MY advice regarding classroom management, reminding me that the catty co-worker is smoking crack (cause we all know i kick ass). i'll keep nodding my head and smiling politely, but for fuck's sake... can't we all just get along? why must teachers behave more immaturely than their students?

names, por favor.
you know who. plus the only other teacher i think you know. fucking SUCKS. why can't everyone be as friendly and likeable as me?!?
You must be working with the same teachers I'm dealing with! Yea, the only thing you can do is go in, be amicable, and get the hell outta there at the end of the day. Good thing we have our own friends outside of work!
Ten cuidado!
ONLY say what needs to be said...
Continue to share your knowledge with your co-workers. Your administrators WILL notice this gesture.
It's too bad that some of your co-workers are making it difficult for you.
Take Care!

This seems to be a common problem at many schools. Around mine, it's more of a phoney smile and a knife in the back. Both are lethal.
I feel better knowing that this goes on in other schools. I thought it was just my backwards a@# small town!
I feel better knowing that this goes on in other schools. I thought it was just my backwards a@# small town!
wow! I actually got written up for parking in a co-workers assigned spot! the incident was blown all out of porportion and it included the principal getting other teachers to say I was leaving my students unsupervised! It is good to know that this happens in other places too! But yes, be careful. I was the teacher who started the bilingual program at this school. it has the highest population of spanish speakers in our district. the teacher whose "spot" I parked in has always hated me because of my "bilingual passion." I am so glad that you were mentioned in the NEA today. It is how I found a way to tell mi cuento.
WoW - I thought it was just my school. What is up with the catty teachers?

I think that part of it has to do with all of the pressure on us to perform and raise test scores. That naturally pits us against each other unfortunately.

Even so...mean people are rude. It saddens me to see these mean people responsible for educating children.
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