lunes, diciembre 12, 2005


well you know i'm not in it for the money

i have to admit, i love it when kids give me gifts. definite perk about being an elementary teacher, and at a primary grade at that.

don't get me wrong... i'm very lucky and gets lots of love on a regular basis. since my class switched, my old chamacos like to give me drawings and pictures (remember the tube top?) about once a week, and my students from last year are quite faithful with letters and random gifts (i got a mario --as in "and luigi"-- doll last week). but you gotta love how certain holidays, namely christmas and valentine's day, get everybody in a generous mood. last week, one of my most giving students told me that she had an xmas gift for me but couldn't tell me what it was. for once, i didn't press her, and about ten minutes later she came up to me and confessed that she got me xmas socks but don't tell mom she said anything! cuteness.

today i got my first gift bag: a snow globe and a santa candle. let the gift giving and getting begin!

tomorrow is also tamal day =) best week EVER.

I am seriously craving tamales. I hope your kids come through in full force.
we had maybe 8 dozen tamales... dulces, picantes, un poco de todo. yummmm said my stomach.
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