sábado, enero 15, 2005




...but in other educational news, here's something to consider. three of my kids insisted they had bathroom emergencies during the 20-min assembly yesterday. do you have any idea how bad it make me look when 1/6 of my class leaves during the middle of one of those things?

in response to GRR, where do these people come from? what hole did they emerge out of? ie, what the hell?!
My comment is really about this post, but about your blog all around. I just found it while searching through various teacher blogs and I'm really loving reading it. You're a great writer and you seem to have a great attitude about things. I'm a first year teacher, but I teach adult ed ESL...so a wee bit different. Still, I love reading your blog! I hope you don't mind having a stranger peak in every now and then.
peek away! it's nice to know that my blog isn't totally self-indulgent... oh wait, yes it is, but i'm glad others appreciate it. =)
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