viernes, enero 26, 2007



1. Starting to teach a TAKS grade mid-year with no training sucks.
2. Having to tutor TAKS stuff three days a week sucks.
3. Getting an apple, cookie and two donuts for breakfast from your ridiculously sweet and silly students rocks.

I really really REALLY love my new students but oh my goodness do i HATE all the test-related bullshit. and the stress it puts on me and my students and co-workers. it's fucking ridiculous. and Bush wants to make things WORSE?

I had a day of planning and data analysis this week where I was on campus but not in the classroom. I had the unfortunate experience of seeing exactly how shitty subs can be. I had randomly gotten someone from the district-wide system and had to get to my classroom early to finish typing out sub plans. This old dude wanders in and starts rambling about Latin and Hispanic kids. I go over the technical details and my bilingual students' needs and he continues to ramble about race and bilingual student behavior. I tell him to go ahead and teach as if I weren't there while I collect my stuff for planning and sort out a few things in the room. He begins to teach my ESL lesson but keeps trying to speak to the kids in horribly broken Spanish... ESL is English class, meaning NO SPANISH. I find him a little dumb (my lesson plans are very explicit) but whatever. Then he goes over a worksheet called "Who is Samuel Adams?" And THEN HE SAYS: "You guys know who Samuel Adams is, right? Like the beer? Have you seen the commercials?" Whaaaaaaa the ffuuuuuuuuuu... So I high-tailed it out of there figuring ignorance is bliss. I had to pop in awhile later to grab some materials and he was getting frustrated with my kids poor work ethic with an open-book quiz. He threatened them with "This is not like real life. In real life you'll flunk and be poor and have to beg for money on the street."

How? What? Huh?

You just can't make this shit up. I am, of course, going to blacklist the weirdo. Sigh. Sometimes it's just soooo much easier to avoid other obligations and just stay in the classroom rather than try to find someone capable to take your place. Not that I'm Superwoman, but geeeez... Some of these folks have no business in my classroom. Or anyone else's. Have a good weekend.

miércoles, enero 17, 2007


snowed in

i live alone with two cats. after the second day stuck in the house, i decided to venture out into the slush. this is my cat, who had just taken a snowball to the neck like a champ. then he promptly went inside. enjoy your day off, if you're so lucky!


you know you're not in primary anymore when...

1. ice days are bad because you lose two days of TAKS prep.
2. you spend your ice days reading up on the chapter books you're teaching in class. because you have to know FOUR of them.
3. independent reading time is a rare treat.
4. the principal visits your room regularly to give TAKS pep talks.

i have to say that so far, things have been pretty good. my students have been on their best behavior and are very receptive to my style and newly-implemented rules. i got a greeting card from one of them on my third day with a very sweet message pronouncing me the best teacher and hoping that i'm comfortable in fifth grade. and in spite of the massive amount of adjusting i have to do, things have been manageable and my teammate has been very patient and thorough in answering my bazillions of questions. quizás la maestra ha encontrado su lugar.

if you're ice daying it, too, enjoy... i had MLK, Jr. Day off and haven't left the house since Sunday night, so i'm going a little bit bonkers. never thought i'd say it, but i can't WAIT for school!

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