martes, febrero 20, 2007



TAKS day is the most boring day EVER. and if *I* was bored out of my mind, my poor, poor kiddos. but alas, round one is over. if they knew it, they knew it. if not, the tutoring and practice test madness continues. sigh. at least tomorrow will be taks-free.

jueves, febrero 15, 2007


san valentin

my favorite teaching holiday is usually the craziest day of the year based on sheer sugar intake. need to post a pic of this year's loot, replete with Homies valentines. cuz that's how my kids roll.


knee deep

pre-TAKS preparations SUCK. covering all reading-related signage in my room is ridiculous. pray for my kiddos to pass the first time so actual education might take place in two weeks instead of half-education, half-test-teaching.

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