lunes, septiembre 07, 2009



wow, it's been literally YEARS since i've posted! i'm actually having my husband (oh yes, i'm married now!) create a complete website for me so the blog will likely be left by the wayside once again in the next few weeks. in the meantime, let's get caught up...

school started two weeks ago. i'm teaching fifth grade for the fourth year in a row, this time with inclusion and transitional English students - no bilingual instruction! i'm working on my Masters in bilingual/bicultural education and want to do a study on the endless tutoring our students are subjected to because of TAKS. my inclusion co-teacher is awesome, and we have a great time working together.

i'd spend more time babbling but my copy of "Pedagogy of the Oppressed" is shooting daggers at me. i'm avoiding graduate homework, imagine that!

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