jueves, marzo 30, 2006



it really gets my goat when my kids --who ARE in fact the smartest class in school-- slack off after 8 months of hard first grade work. out of 19 kids, only 8 turned in their homework after i broke it down yesterday afternoon. all kinds of talk about how they need to be responsible for their learning and ready for second grade. EIGHT kids. i'm pulling out all the stops this week... if things don't turn around, i'm going to get desperate.

..also making things less than super-duper: nannies that bring kids to school in the place of their hot dads. or just the one nanny who is taking the place of the hot dad =P no progress on that front, by the way. it's a nice little fantasy that i like to play in my head.

sábado, marzo 25, 2006


completely inappropriate

i have a mad crush on a student's (single) father. i've had this crush for a long time. i see him out and about occasionally, but i've seen him THREE times in the last week. we ran into each other at the grocery store today. i just smiled and waved, he came up and stood awkwardly next to me for a few moments, asking about my weekend as his kiddo bounced around next to him looking bashful. i think the feeling may be mutual.

yeah yeah yeah, i'm pathetic.

lunes, marzo 13, 2006


spring break

my long-awaited vacation has begun and i'm spending it out and about. i have gone to bed no earlier than 3:30 am the last three nights. i'm reading augusten burroughs' running with scissors. i'm going to shows and clubs. i'm drinking regularly. it's almost like college.

i went to old navy today and noticed a group of college students. they looked horrendous. i am not a fan of the casual gypsy look. i saw a gal wearing brown converse, a calf-length peach-colored broomstick skirt that looked like it was taffeta, a sorority t-shirt, a giant yellow bead necklace and a brown tote bag large enough for three turkeys. BLECH. kids today, geez.

..yeah, this post sucks. sorry.

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