martes, enero 04, 2005



i sat down at my desk to start working on report cards and suddenly i'm blogging instead. what's wrong with this picture?

okay, i made an executive decision in the fifteen minutes since i wrote that last sentence as i fought with my computer to print out my letter to parents: i do not have a blue pen that matches the previously written text on the report cards, therefore i cannot do them right now. i also do not have art or p.e. grades so that helps since i don't want to sit down and do this shit again.

first day on the job. we had a short reading training followed by extensive math discussions. i'm amazed at the new sticky-notes-in-reading trend, it's catching on like wildfire. i am also amazed at how slowly time passes while you're sitting in a training. there are not enough lists to make, not enough things to doodle, not enough silly thoughts to think.

i think i've got almost everything i need. my computer login hasn't come in yet and my mailbox doesn't have my name on it yet (but at least they took off the old teacher's name), but otherwise i'm good to go for the week... as far as i can tell right now. i think i'm skipping science all together tomorrow so we can go over homework routines and the mountain of paperwork they're taking home for their parents to look at. this week is all about establishing procedures and letting the kids know that i'm not taking any crap. there hasn't been a whole lot of actual learning going on for at least two months now... if these kids want to make it to second grade, we've got some ass to bust.

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