martes, febrero 01, 2005


funny day

today was one of those days where the weather sucks, everyone's sick, and shit keeps going wrong. but it's almost over and several funny things happened along the way. four of my kids were absent so we had just 3/4 of our class. my student with the high-maintenance mom was out sick which was a total blessing in disguise since it meant i avoided the señora all blessed day long. unfortunately, whenever he gets back i'm sure she'll want to have a 20-minute powwow during class or my planning time. the teacher whose room is connected to mine had to leave because her son was sick with the flu, so it became my responsibility to check in on her student teacher, who technically isn't allowed to be alone with the kids for liability reasons. the student teacher has been struggling a lot but today she actually seemed to be doing alright. we spent the morning discussing dental hygiene (Doctor De Soto and free toothbrushes, yay! but boring, boring, boring for me) then spent perhaps a little too much time watching Chicken Run for indoor recess.

now for the funny stuff. one of my kids ripped a gigantic fart during morning group time, then wrote a comment (to avoid tattling and gossip, my kids write me little "comments" to put in a collective comment box that i use to determine topics of discussion during class meetings) about someone saying he farted. well you did and everyone knows it, don't be in denial, kiddo! later another kid swore that a fellow student grabbed his "huevos"... once again, my kids were having some difficulty with reality because i was standing right in front of them the whole time and no such thing happened. an unfortunate accidental brushing of the hand at best. finally, i took pictures of my kids walking in a "perfect line" and showed them to a friend. she immediately stated that it looked like they were in jail. cause that's the kind of teacher i am!

i had a kid rip one in class yesterday. except he's 17. and he laughed. and everyone around him asked to switch seats. what's that about?
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