domingo, febrero 13, 2005


i am not alone. who knew?

From Time magazine's article entitled "Parents Behaving Badly":

Ask teachers about the best part of their job, and most will say how much they love working with kids. Ask them about the most demanding part, and they will say dealing with parents. In fact, a new study finds that of all the challenges they face, new teachers rank handling parents at the top. According to preliminary results from the MetLife Survey of the American Teacher, made available exclusively to TIME, parent management was a bigger struggle than finding enough funding or maintaining discipline or enduring the toils of testing. It's one reason, say the Consortium for Policy Research in Education and the Center for the Study of Teaching and Policy, that 40% to 50% of new teachers leave the profession within five years. Even master teachers who love their work, says Harvard education professor Sara Lawrence-Lightfoot, call this "the most treacherous part of their jobs."

Today I had lunch with my parents. After hearing about my horrible week over the phone and in person, I guess they've both come to the same conclusion: they want me to go back to school and get my masters. Dad says I should open a day care; Mom says I should go to pharmacy school. What do you think?

i think you need to give it some time. your first year is hectic and insane. you're trying not to drown. i'm only in my second year and there's a world of difference. i can handle the kids and the crazy parents more easily. anyway, what we need to do is drown our sorrows and grading in chocolate!!
The amazing thing is that parents all over the U.S. are reading that article and thinking "Oh that's terrible. I'm glad I'M not one of THOSE parents."

You should definitely give your decision more time. Do not make teaching career decisions in February. Wait and see how you feel in May.
You sound like a great teacher who really thinks things through. What you are lacking now is time and you sound frustrated. Parents get better. You will pick up tricks. Also, they talk to each other and the longer you are in a school, the better your "trust factor" gets and they back off.
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