domingo, febrero 13, 2005


what book are you?

Thanks to madhatter who saw this on hipteacher.

You're Roots!

by Alex Haley

While almost everyone agrees that you're brilliant, no one knows quite how to categorize you. Some say that you're a person with an amazing family tree. Some say that you're just a darn good storyteller. Others say that you're both and don't much care where to draw the line. What is known is that your people have been through a great number of trials and that you are where you are because of hard work. You have nothing to lose but your chains.

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I gotta say, my people have definitely been fucked around for several hundred years. Funny how things have turned out, with the Spaniards invading and controlling my mother's country (and raping her people) and here I am speaking their language instead of an indigenous tongue. OH THE IRONY.

I'm You're The Sound and the Fury!
by William Faulkner
Strong-willed but deeply confused, you are trying to come to grips with a major crisis in your life. You can see many different perspectives on the issue, but you're mostly overwhelmed with despair at what you've lost. People often have a hard time understanding you, but they have some vague sense that you must be brilliant anyway. Ultimately, you signify nothing.
What the heck...major crisis...i dunno.
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