lunes, marzo 28, 2005


yes, i'm a dork

i think part of my appeal is the fact that all kinds of stupid things entertain me (and that would be appealing because my laugh is ENTRANCING and my smile DISARMING, just ask around). for example, i am getting the BIGGEST kick out of this book ordering thing. i have a bilingual book catalog in front of me and i think i've used like thirty post-its so far. cause i'm being picky. i've got another 75 pages to go. in the relatively unlikely event that anyone knows these names i'm fixin' to drop, perhaps you'll be just as amused as me:

  • Popol Vuh is available in a children's version. It's recommended for grades 5-8 but I think it would be hysterical to freak out my handful of religious fanatics.

  • If these moments of weakness continue, I may have to get a book called Antón y los dragones: Un libro sobre Gaudí. la Pinoteca Diego Rivera en Xalapa tuvo una exhibición de Gaudí el verano pasado y su obra es bien chingón. Si no me crees, ¡googlelo!

  • there's a children's book about Sor Juana Ines de la Cruz. bet they leave her blood-written retraction of her life's beliefs out. good thing i know what Texas library has that confession in its collection so i can plan a field trip to set the record straight.

  • hmm. when a principal tells you to submit something ASAP, does that mean the next day or before week's end?

    i think it means next day... keep blogging..
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