martes, abril 19, 2005



¿...o bingo?

la cubana came up to me yesterday during math and said another student was being mean and called her a gringo (she's a güera). when i told the student in question to come talk to me, she started bawling immediately. i gave her some time to calm down then asked what happened. long sob story short, her claim is that she said "Bingo!" since they were playing addition bingo and the whole world is out to get her. not sure what to believe, but now I have to add "gringo" to my list of maldiciones.

Bingo is awful. My family still calls me Bingo. When I was 4 years old my sister called me 'Bingo' I ran to my parents crying. I told them I had been called a terrible word that I could not repeat. They urged me to repeat it. And I burst out through the tears "She called me Bbbbb-INGO"!
Oh the horror.
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