domingo, abril 10, 2005


recommended reading

1) Desert Blood by Alicia Gaspar de Alba, a new novel that takes place amidst the murders in Ciudad Juárez

2) The Trouble With Religion by Salman Rushdie, definitely food for thought

3) The companion book to the fantastic documentary Born Into Brothels. Proceeds go to Kids With Cameras.

4) No reading involved, but fun to look at: Kathleen Trenchard's Cut-it-out. I checked out a small exhibit of her work today... can't find the two pieces that absolutely blew my mind ("Tango" and "El West Side") but these are cool.

***NOTE TO BLOGGING SLACKERS: Update already! You know who you are!!!***

i think you're talking to me about slacker blogging. i can't blog until wednesday and i get my cable access. whoohoo!
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