lunes, junio 20, 2005


aww, they miss me!

i got a last-minute call from the summer school office about signing something to get paid, so i took a detour from running errands (aka browsing, not shopping) and stopped by school during lunch. my kiddos were very sweet, asking me why i left (as if i didn't explain it to them) and giving me hugs. apparently la princesa stopped showing up after i left, which frustrates the fuck out of me. on my way out, three kids were walking ahead of me to the early bus. i noticed that the boy, one of my former students, had a curious white thing rolled above his ear. "¿Qué es eso?" "Papel." "¿Papel?" "Sí, papel." "¿Por qué tienes papel allí?" "No sé." ("What's that?" "Paper." "Paper?" "Yes, paper." "Why do you have it there?" "I don't know.") By this point, the monolingual principal had finally caught on. Did this kiddo think he'd look cool around the other 5th graders if he had a fake cigarette? Probably. "Pues QUITATELO." "Take it OFF."

i continued my errands afterwards... picked up some art supplies then stopped by urban outfitters just for the hell of it. cause i used to be young and "hip" enough to shop there, so you never know. the clothing proved too quirky and expensive for me, so i found myself meandering through the housewares section, where i discovered this shit, which is basically floral fabric stretched across canvas. price? $36. insulting to anyone that works with a paintbrush.

tonight, i continue my summer vacation poolside with wine and more teacher buddies. i'm very impressed that last week school-related talk was kept to a minimum. tomorrow i head out to the big D to catch up with some folks i haven't seen in forever, so i probably won't be blogging until the end of the week. ¡cuídense!

* una preguntita: in case you haven't noticed, i've started translating spanish snippets for those of you that may not speak the language. is this helpful or should i go back to assuming everyone either understands or doesn't care to know?

Very helpful! Please keep translating. My tiny bits of French and Italian are no help to me anymore.
I love it too! It helps me see how much I actually knew (and how wrong my translations are). Thanks for doing it! Have a great time with your friends, too.
I appreciate the translations. It's been way too long since I took my two years of high school Spanish.

I like the translations too. I would guess it's a pain, but I like it!!
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