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i suppose teachers have several "worst nightmares", but definitely high up on the list of anyone who still manages to go out and party is getting a DWI. supposedly in texas, a DWI conviction leads to the revoking of your teaching certificate. still can't find that in print anywhere though. anyways, just found out that this may be happening to a friend. fuckin a.


i've heard that rumor too. i think they even told us that in school. besides the obvious reasons not to drink and drive (killing people and such), i'm terrified of losing my liscence. i think i spelled liscence wrong.
Crap! :|
Wow. Even though I'm not in Texas, this is still a great reminder to hand over the keys if I've been drinking. I hope things work out.
I've heard about this in California too. I don't know if it really is a rumor because I have several teacher friends who are extra cautious about drinking and driving.
I was told that when I went through teacher training at my new school in Texas. Eek!
I have never heard of that in Cali. I really think that they don't have access to that info. I am not saying its ok to drive drunk-o but if I were to get a DUI I sure wouldn't tell my boss. How irresponsible I know.
it's definitely a shitty situation. no, obviously no one should be drinking and driving, but we all have lapses of judgment... especially when alcohol is involved. it's unfortunate that this is happening, period, but aside from the personal shame and guilt that this causes, it's sad that this could very well end my friend's career (he's been teaching for 8 years). i feel bad blogging about this because i'm not even supposed to know, and here i am broadcasting it... if nothing else, let this be a reminder, as megan mentioned!
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