domingo, septiembre 18, 2005


oh my

i usually feel like a misfit in the world of teacher blogs. i curse like a sailor, i'm not all smiles and positivity when it comes to my students (although this school year's posts may have you fooled!), and i'm bilingual brown fish in a sea of white, middle-class english-speaking-only teachers. oh, and i'm liberal as fuck. so i make the assumption that most teachers have no interest in this blog.. just the cool "edgy" folks and my raza blogeros. yet SOMEHOW, esta maestra made it into Ms. Frizzle's edition of the Carnival of Education. wonders never cease. and hamsters never stop biting my friggin' fingers. speaking of which, time to head to school and make sure the little fuckers are still alive. guess who forgot to tell someone to feed them on friday?

you mean fish not children right?
opps hamsters...i dont know how i missed that.
Way to go girl! :) Keep blogging--it kept me sane while I worked in the South Bronx. :)
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