jueves, octubre 06, 2005


is the neighborhood or the culture?

one of my students is leaving my class despite his and his family's wishes for him to stay. today he gave me a lovely card with a *real* rose taped to it (last year's class was very fond of giving me fake velvet roses), a huge photo of himself (with nunca me olvide written on the back), and a GIFT... in the morning, he told me that his mother had cut the tag off the shirt: "Qué camisa?" "Tu camisa!" "¿Esta?" (pointing to the shirt i was wearing and feeling very confused) "NO, ¡la que te di!" "Oh. ¿Me diste una camisa?" "Sí, ¡mira!" I didn't look other than a marginal glance that showed it to indeed be a black shirt of some sort. After school, I stopped by a friend's room and made him see the card that made me cry just a little bit... he wanted to see the shirt, so we pulled it out and lo and behold...



endearing and disturbing a la misma ves.
I believe This American Life did a show on teachers receiving inappropriate gifts from their students...lots of bras and thongs i guess.
"This American Life host Ira Glass talks to Mindy, a first-grade teacher, about the rather racy gifts her students give these days at Christmas. (6 minutes)"
Is there a teacher dress code? For some reason I would think tube tops would be on the not appropriate list.
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