martes, octubre 25, 2005



i had an interesting night, that's for certain. i didn't get a lot of sleep and i got ready for school in less than 15 minutes. i put eyeshadow on in the car and lip gloss as a afterthought in the classroom. but i was nicely dressed and quite chipper, so i was a little peeved when a student walked in late, plopped herself on the carpet, cocked her said to one side and, with scrutinizing eyes, exlaimed,

"You look weird. You need makeup!"

later this morning, we read a book called "A Hug Is Warm." We discussed times when we might want to give someone a hug. One of my kids said, "I gave my dad a hug before he went to jail." Dad and Mom seem very nice if not a little strung out from time to time... sometimes being a teacher puts you in a weird place.

Those kids and the things that come out of their mouths. I wonder at what age we learn about things like tact and what is appropriate/inappropriate.
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