martes, octubre 18, 2005



reasons why i shouldn't complain so much:
1. i am very much a morning person, but on the rare days when i wake up grumpy and mad at the world, i know that once i get to school my chamacos will make me feel better
2. my kids are AMAZING writers!!!
3. i no longer have jehovah's witnesses in my classroom who freak out at the mere possibility of celebration (i seriously had to force the "friendship week" i used to replace valentine's day) and we will be studying BATS, SCARY THINGS, Halloween AND Día de los muertos! i am a holiday FREAK this year, who knew?
4. i got a lovely pumpkin mug =) my kids are painfully aware of my coffee addiction, it's quite sweet how they go searching for my mug when it is inevitably misplaced.
5. Target's Halloween party favors are already discounted.
6. of my three slight behavior problem students, one has chilled out, another is making much better decisions, and at least the one with the bad temper is very honest and up-front when he harasses other children. i hate the ¿me estás echando mentiras? speech.
7. while one teammate is a certifiable pain in my ass these days, the others are still wonderful. and my other buddy was a great help around report card time. yay for pleasant co-workers! be continued.

i'd love to be one of your stduents.
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