viernes, noviembre 18, 2005



i thought i was cool because my kids are starting to learn café tacuba and groove to my nortec tunes. then a co-worker buddy had one of my former students start singing a smiths song that he's learned in class.

DAMMIT. i need something good. any suggestions?

Café Tacuba is better than the Smiths. Heh. I find it funny that the kids are already getting into the Smiths considering lots of Raza love Morissey.
Hmmmmm...They Might Be Giants has a fun children's album. Or we have this album called Ralph's World that teaches you to count forwards, backwards and in Roman Numerals.

If I were cool, I'd know more.
How do you organize a lesson around music? Do you use the words or is more like music class..where they are singing and stuff like that?
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