jueves, noviembre 03, 2005


the other side of the river

i don't teach at the poorest school in town (anymore). i don't teach at the richest school in town. but i do teach at a title I school, which means most of our students receive free or reduced lunch. and the friends i hung out with tonight teach at one of the richer schools in town. to compare: our PTA scrounged together $50 gifts for each teacher at the end of last year, and now they're barely able to pay for this year's expenses. my friends who teach at Richypants Elementary got $1,000 each from their PTA. just an example.

we went to a local artsy fartsy gathering that took place maybe 2 miles north of my school. i went with my friend J, who teaches at Richypants, and met up with three of his co-workers. collectively, they had run into at least half a dozen parents/mothers of students from their school. i thought about my bilingual kids' parents, who work in kitchens and factories and babysit. first of all, they wouldn't have a night off or away from the kids to spend at such an artsy fartsy gathering, and secondly, they certainly wouldn't be able to spend a thursday night shopping for overpriced artsy fartsy things.

of course, then i saw the parent of one of my english-speaking students. the one and only parent that i find slightly attractive. err.

so much for class divisions. maybe we can just call it racial.

i hear ya sister. we don't have a pta and we don't get gifts. we get the gift of giving. ;)
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