lunes, agosto 21, 2006


oh, vomit

one of my kids threw up grapes today. not nearly as disgusting as it could have been. then another teammate had a vomit situation, this time in her room. i've never had a kid puke in my room and don't know if i would gag and then help or help and then gag. i love the mocosos and all, but i'm not into all the wiping and cleaning biznass. not that anyone IS, but some folks are just more accepting than others. i would fall into the "others" category.

today me and some co-workers were talking about how thuggy some of our kids are. one second grader who gets advanced scores in thug life was telling his teacher how his momma was gonna get him a grill (grille?). he drew a picture of a kid with a grill then drew him a t-shirt that appropriately stated "I got a grill". one of my kids was bragging that he was going to get his ear pierced today. i would have called him a liar, except i noticed a third grader with a diamond stud bigger than my shiniest rhinestone earrings. the truth will come out in the morning. this same guy said i look like L'il Kim (I DON'T) so he's not the most reliable person i know. anyhoo.

kids still crazy, and don't. trust. administration.

everyone just wants to cover their own ass.

I've cleaned up my fair share of vomit. It ain't fun.

And I've had some first grade thugs through the years. I can't get over what these parents will buy their kids to make them look "cool." Sheesh.
Ha ha ha...I can't believe 5th graders barf so much! A few days ago I was running laps with them and next thing you know a lil girl barfed all over was all over her shirt...I'm talking chunks!! I'm getting used to all the barfing unfortunately.
This was funny. Grille's? Oh my. Did this particular student vomit for no apparent reason? My nephew was being bullied and he would make himself vomit. After it was worked the vomiting stopped.
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