martes, diciembre 14, 2004


ante todo

1. this blog shall be as respectful of privacy as humanly possible. i will try my damnedest not to use any real names of students, parents, teachers, schools, and school districts.

2. i am a recent graduate with a degree in elementary bilingual education. a week after walking across the stage, i was offered a first-grade bilingual teaching position that officially begins on January 3, 2005. the previous teacher had a mental breakdown. we'll see how i'm doing come may.

3. my school is primarily low-income based on the number of free lunches provided to its students. i am the only bilingual teacher for my grade, and as of December 2004, there are 20 students in my class.

4. everything on this blog is MY opinion; you don't have to agree with it, but please respect it!

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