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up until 9 am this morning, i LIKED teacher trainings. i thought it was a great way to spend a paid workday away from my kids while making sure they weren't losing learning time. now i realize it's a great way to convince me that i will never become a veteran teacher because they are fucking annoying as all hell. I'm not big on any public or semi-public forum where one or two self-proclaimed experts wank off about something, but i'm particularly peeved when i'm stuck with such folk in a small room with my professional peers for several hours in a row. and they are sitting on either side of me. and it's sad because i like hearing other people's stories about teaching, i like hearing about interesting experiences, but i suppose i should emphasize that i like hearing about interesting experiences that have a point, which is the opposite of the drivel that i was drowned in today.

first of all, it is not "visa versa". secondly, if you can neither use nor pronounce "myopic" correctly, perhaps you should cut it out of your vocabulary or restrict its usage to your home or around close non-judgemental friends. thirdly, do not take personal offense just because i think Sandra Cisneros is totally obnoxious. if you can relate to her fluff that's fine with me, but i think as far as Chicana (and certainly "ethnic writers" in general) she's at the bottom of the barrel and that's my fucking right to believe whatever the fuck i want. don't get pissy and demand that i cite specific examples of text which explain why i don't like her writing. I JUST FUCKING DON'T.

so yeah, i'm a little annoyed. my next training is in two weeks. classroom management. lord help me.

Nosotros no somos así...¿o sí? :) "VISA VERSA" seriously? That's funny. Pero bueno, si los demás no hicieran esas tonterías, no tendrías con qué entretenernos a los que estamos lejos ;p

I don't like people who think that they are THE authority on anything. You can easily teach about culture/ethnicity without ever mentioning Cisneros, but you can if you want. I like her, but like you said, everyone doesn't have to. I even disagreed with Blanco and he could've failed me with the snap of a finger :) A ver cómo me va a mí. Luego les cuento. Y suerte en el próximo entrenamiento.
La mexicanita de dallas
teachers love to hear themselves talk. seriously. they drone on and on. next time, take a book. :)
last time i planned much better and took a big stack of work with me. i got my gradebook ready for the next nine weeks AND did lesson plans. this time, the only thing i had to show after my 7 hour training was several beautifully decorated folders for my peers and a few designs i'm considering for a tattoo.

and M... really, you like Cisneros??? what other Xicana/Mexican writers do you like?
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