miércoles, enero 12, 2005


de todas las cosas en el mundo...

i find myself lecturing my students on the STUPIDEST things. for example:
  • when washing your hands, press down on the bottle pump ONCE. not twice, not five times, ONCE. it is not even remotely reasonable for 20 students to go through an entire bottle of soap in a day and a half. and you know what? if there's a line for the sink, use the antibacterial stuff. same difference.

  • attention boys: pee IN the toilet. not around it, not next to it, not across from it. IN it.

  • WE DO NOT SCREAM IN CLASS. EVER. and if you ARE going to scream, do NOT scream maestra; it will only get you a dirty look and the same old response: WE DO NOT SCREAM IN CLASS.

  • appropriate behavior while walking in line. usually followed by some line-walking practice around campus.

  • appropriate behavior while sitting on the carpet.

  • don't steal my stuff. especially my stamps. don't write on my stuff. don't rip my stuff. ever.

  • also turns out that when i'm gone for a day, they forget everything we've established, from the get-out-your-homework-then-sit-down-and-read-for-15-minutes routine first thing in the morning to expected behaviors during individual work time. however, they really like it when i do my ghetto-meets-chilango voice (we read "Chato y la cena" by Gary Soto, whose title character is a hardcore vato) and whenever we spot pandas. so at least we can be sure i'm not making them stupider. yay for that. we'll see how my forgetful little wiggly worms do on the fire drill friday. i'm praying they at least make it out to the right part of the school.

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