lunes, enero 17, 2005


i shit you not

even though today is a school holiday, i spent 4.5 hours in my classroom recording middle-of-year assessment data and getting ready for this week. last week, i set up my district email all by myself so now i'm in tune with all the school/district happenings. my principal was very happy to discover that i took care of things myself... SO happy, in fact, that today she sent me and the speech therapist/school computer authority an email stating the following:

"You are the bomb!"

Aw shucks... I think I'm gonna have to print that out, highlight that line, and stick it on my bulletin board as a little reminder of my obvious badassness. Fellow teachers, I ask you one simple question: Has YOUR principal told YOU that you're the bomb?

Didn't think so. One point for the newbie. BOO YEAH.

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