viernes, enero 28, 2005


i want to nap SO bad

i made it through the day just fine and without caffeine, but after spending an hour and a half after school cleaning up and starting to get ready for next week's hecticness (new science and social studies units, guided reading AND literacy and math center implementation) i am totally exhausted. but no time for napping... a friend is coming from out of town for her xmas present: i got us tickets to a concert tonight, so i need to perk up immediately. followed by usual post-concert debauchery, followed by a trip to IKEA tomorrow, followed by more debauchery, followed by sleeping late on sunday and then spending all day back at school planning and prepping. monday is staff development. have a good weekend, and don't do anything i wouldn't do unless you plan on giving me all the juicy details =P

take a 30 minute nap! set 4 alarms to ensure you get up. 30 minute nap = success.
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