miércoles, enero 05, 2005


it's only been two official days?!?

now granted, i was at my school the last week of classes and then put in another 40 or so hours of prep time before classes officially started this week. but i already feel like i've been there FOREVER. as you might have noticed, i had a bad morning, but things got slightly better as i got over my bitchiness toward the other teacher and i talked to my wonderful asst. principal about my pain in the ass parents.

a quick summary of the first 48 hours of my 1st grade teaching career:
  • first graders have to pee ALL THE FREAKING TIME

  • one of my kids had an accident (the pee pee kind) after an hour of being in my class

  • therefore it's hard to limit their trips to the bathroom

  • there is absolutely no record of ANY interventions done with ANY of my students. i already have three major referrals in the works for our school's committee that deals with things of this nature: two are behavior related, the other may be a candidate for either special ed or speech

  • one of my kiddos that i'm referring set off the fire alarm during their interim time with a sub. he's six. fuckin' a

  • i am the official 1st grade PTA representative. dammit dammit dammit DAMMIT. right now, the last thing i want to do is spend MORE time with these freakin crazyass parents.

  • teaching makes me curse much more outside of school

  • i'm horrible about keeping track of my students' stuff. i accidentally took a kid's $5 bill home and lost someone's lip gloss necklace. oops.

  • lesson plans are highly overrated. and i'm quite good at doing things off the cuff with the young'uns.

  • 30 minutes is totally not enough time for lunch

  • sometimes administrators make your life a breeze

  • we did not have a good day today. we are having serious problems paying attention, following directions, and raising our freaking hands before we freaking speak. we sat together on the carpet and did a shared writing of carpet rules, which include sitting properly (legs crossed, hands in front, eyes on the speaker), NOT asking to use the bathroom, NOT playing, and participating. as we worked together to write good sentences and sound out words, several students asked to use the bathroom or get a drink of water, lounged on the off-limits beanbags, and even turned their back to me. ahem. what rules are we writing again? PAY ATTENTION MOCOSOS.

    i'm actually totally not that hostile. i think i do a little too much emotional talk, like after lunch when my students received a red cup for bad behavior, i told them it made me very sad that they could not behave properly at lunch. that humbled them right quick. i think maybe if i start crying soon they might just be perfect. i hope tomorrow they give me a reason to be nicer. i don't like playing viola swamp.

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