miércoles, enero 05, 2005


let the bullshit begin.

a) my kids' parents are fucking CRAZY and have way too much time on their hands. they are also very rude and make comments and criticisms of the other students in from of them. i need to get a handle on this shit asap.

b) i'm already dealing with money-related bullshit. my room, which was filled with CRAP when i arrived, is now nice and orderly because i removed three carts worth of assorted english shit OUT (bilingual classrooms don't need english resources from the 1970s, thank you). today i got a quasi-lecture about the stuff that i get rid of, because if i don't inventory every last inch of stuff, then whatever might be registered under my name will be deducted from the grade fund. i UNDERSTAND that is shitty for all of us, but seriously, the vast majority of the stuff i got rid of was total shit and even IF i overlooked some materials, there is no way in hell the total costs will be significant. grr. is this what everyone was warning me about???

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