miércoles, enero 05, 2005


let's start taking bets

i've been waking up at 5:15 a.m. even on professional development day, i was still up by 6. i don't really know WHY i'm waking up so fucking early... maybe because my medication has suddenly given me dandruff and i want plenty of time in the mornings in case i need to shower twice to make my hair presentable. maybe because i'm paranoid and slightly spastic. maybe because it really IS necessary for me to be at school every day by 7. or maybe it's because i know that i'm not going to be following my lesson plans so i need to pull shit out of my ass as early as possible.

but go ahead and start betting on how long you think this will last. my poor body can't stand going to bed before eleven, no matter how hard i try to coax it. but waking up at 5 is a bit brutal.

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