lunes, enero 10, 2005


lovely lunes

what was supposed to be a terrible day ended up being quite nice. morning duty was a breeze, my off-the-cuff lessons were once again a huge success, i had some good chats with the reading and curriculum specialists, and i didn't have to attend the staff meeting. my bloodwork was done quickly, the gap had my favorite jeans on sale, and since i have training tomorrow i got to see sideways and i can stay up LATE (although i'm tired and will likely crash soon, but it's nice to wake up an extra hour later, even TWO if i want!).

the only thing is, everyone thinks i'm super organized and awesome. while i am indeed awesome, if anyone asks to see lesson plans i'm kind of fucked. so tomorrow's bonus time needs to be well spent. i honestly think i can teach my students all the first grade core content without using the district's curriculum guide, i just don't know how that will fly with everyone else. veremos.

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