domingo, enero 23, 2005


sabes que...

Subcomandante Marcos (those of you not familiar with the Zapatistas may want to read this) wrote and published a children's book in 1996. Well, more or less. I was browsing the central library's Spanish section on Friday for bilingual books about colors and ran across one titled "The Story of Colors/La Historia de los Colores". I pulled it out and glanced at the cover. "By Subcomandante Marcos"... What?!? I opened it up to read the dust jacket, and sure enough, there's a dude with a ski mask and ammo strapped across his shoulder. I don't know any details about the publication process with this book, but apparently the text for the book was taken from a 1994 communiqué from Marcos to the Mexican people. Qué raro.

One of my teacher buddies and fellow bloggers came over yesterday for lunch and we discussed the wild world of blogs that we've suddenly become involved in. We've stumbled onto several frighteningly conservative education blogs, a few quasi-racist teacher blogs, and some just plain annoying ones. Sadly, despite several searches, I haven't found another bilingual ed blog, just a few ESL teachers. Most teacher blogs also seem to be written by secondary teachers... where are my elementary people at?!? If you know of any blogs that I might be able to relate to a bit more, please link away. I find myself reading mommy blogs (try the hilarious Suburban Bliss and Dooce) for my funny kid story fix.

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