jueves, enero 20, 2005



how stupid can you get? and what on earth are you doing socializing with 17-yr-olds???

so don't tell anyone, but we didn't really do language arts today. it's our little secret, okay? we did a lot of ORAL review of science content, then a lot of artistic depiction followed by a lot of cutting, taping, and gluing. about 1/3 of my class typed stuff they had written earlier in the week while the rest started writing in a book that summarizes all their panda knowledge. it wasn't UNacademic, but it certainly wouldn't have made me look good from an administrator's standpoint. in math, my students impressed me by quickly figuring out several grouping problems and they ALL ended the day with excellent behavior. INSERT JAW DROP HERE. my slow-as-a-slug worker even did ALL of his work for the day AND had good behavior, earning him a fabulous day rating. i'm gonna say it again: i love my class!

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