viernes, enero 14, 2005


teachers' night in

in my infinite dorkiness, i'm struggling to stay awake on a friday night. several teacher buddies are learning to play texas hold 'em while i take it easy on the couch with a laptop. i'm resting up for a movie later tonight, or at least that's what i'm telling myself.

i can't believe how fast this week has gone by. i brought bamboo plants to the class, one for each table and two for the class. my kids LOVE them. this unit on pandas has been a big hit. we still haven't started centers yet... i'm waiting for them to get all of our daily routines down pat first before i introduce anything else. after a couple meetings with the reading and curriculum specialists, i've got a much better sense of the areas in which i need to focus, AND i taught what i thought was a FABULOUS math lesson yesterday. my kids think it's hysterical when i act nonsensical (or, more realistically, my depiction of a first grader) and there's mad participation.

so... so far, so good. we made it through our first fire drill, and now assemblies are upon us. but first, a three-day weekend. praise the lord.

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