viernes, febrero 18, 2005



i officially know someone who has been involved with child pornography. a guy i only vaguely knew in middle school, more by name than anything else, was charged with promoting child porn at the beginning of the week. my mom saw him on the news, but it was an old friend who emailed me the story. i want to vomit.

in other news, i got to experience first-hand our team leader's nasty passive aggressive side. from the get-go i sensed that she was someone i would eventually butt heads with, since she has that know-it-all, my-way-or-the-highway type of attitude and bitchy personality that makes it difficult to work with her if you don't agree on everything. i had to leave work 45 minutes early for an MD appt, so i asked my mentor teacher next door if it would be cool for me to split my class between her and the team leader. as always, she said it wouldn't be a problem. part of being a team is supporting each other, right? i've watched the team leader's entire class before when she had to leave early, and she and my mentor teacher regularly watch each other's classes. i honestly didn't think this was going to be an issue. so imagine my surprise when the team leader sends a student into my class yesterday morning with a leave request form topped with a post-it telling me to fill out one of these next time so i can get a half-day sub. a half-day sub? i should lose a half-day's pay or waste half a day's leave on 45 minutes? are you JOKING? i know for a FACT that she nor my mentor teacher get subs when THEY have to leave early. but rather than dwell on this, i just stuck another post-it on top and stated simply, i turned it in monday, thanks. the poor runner kid came back a minute later with a new post-it telling me to just keep the form for future reference. WHY? clearly, having turned in the form several times BEFORE, i am quite familiar with it and don't need the team leader to shove an extra copy down my throat. she loves a good old power trip and isn't afraid to show it. sure, things could have started off a lot worse, but i resent the fact that because i'm new, she's trying to make me waste what little leave i have simply because she doesn't want to ever cover my class--DESPITE THE FACT that i've helped her out before and she knows i would never refuse to do it again in the future. i'm also wondering if maybe, just maybe, it's because my kids are bilingual.

either way, what a bitch.

so in case you're wondering why i'm blogging before noon, i took a personal day. i needed a break from the bullshit and i didn't want to drive back and forth between cities two days in a row. after my MD appt yesterday, i had my interview at the middle school. i think it went well despite the fact that i didn't even think to prepare for it and anticipate some of the questions i would be asked. an hour after my interview, i attended a teacher informational meeting at the school for all interested applicants. i was pleasantly surprised that they mentioned several of the key points i touched on in my interview, and that i'm apparently already halfway through the application process. at this point, i think if they offered me the job, i would take it. i would teach three different levels of spanish DAILY... quite a step up from my two two-days-a-week classes last semester where hardly any real language learning could take place. i'd also teach some other sort of extracurricular club-type class based on something in which i have an interest. seems like a great opportunity. now we just have to wait and see if it will actually happen.

Oh YUK!!! I hate those sorts of people. I have been surrounded by them for the past three years, AND both of my kiddo's principals display this sort of behavior.

I hope you get the job you want. That's important!

Another thing--I know what you mean about that creeped out feeling. A neighbor (with what intentions I'll never know) decided to tell me that my kitchen used to be a child porn studio, and that they found out when they busted the guy ten years ago and the garage was open. (The kitchen used to be part of the garage.) I try not to think about it. Sickness like that is just so incredibly scary.
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