miércoles, febrero 02, 2005


esto me duele el corazon

one of my kids is stealing from me.

every day, my students take home a behavior/reading log for their parents to sign. at the beginning of january, i started stamping all the signed sheets in the morning. the first day, i used a stamp my principal gave me, but the next day it was missing. i figured i was just disorganized and got out two more to leave on my desk. The next day, those two new stamps were gone. And one of my students had one of the stamps all over her behavior sheet. Curious, but it was my first week and i had a million other things to worry about, so I let it go.

about two weeks ago, la nuevita gave me some awesome spanish stamps and two lovely ink pads. i brought them to my classroom but not before i gave my class a big lecture on stealing and how special the stamps were for me because they were a gift from a friend. today, i had the stamp container out because i used one of them this morning with behavior sheets. one ink pad and one stamp were on one side of my desk, the rest were in the container on the other side. while i was working with some students, i noticed a student (the one whose paper had the stamps all over it last month) playing with the stamps in the container. after my after-school reading group, i noticed the whole container had been cleaned out, and the only stamps left on the table were the ones i used in the morning.

i don't want to make excuses for this kid. she's one of the sweetest students i have, always giving me a kiss on the cheek before she goes home. she came from mexico a couple months ago and is adjusting quickly, although she tells me that her mother doesn't have a lot of money and she just had a baby sister who was hospitalized yesterday. maybe there's a reason for this behavior. but obviously this time i can't let it slide. i could definitely have worse problems to deal with, but this is the most devastating thing to happen to me so far. she's SIX. and now she's stolen from me TWICE. advice? (and yes, i'll be talking to my mentor teacher and the assistant principal tomorrow before i address anyone in the class)

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