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a landmark, of the dorky kind

wow, over 1,000 hits... i think that's cause for... something? SO... if you're a teacher and you've got a blog, let's get you linked! or just give a shout-out in the comments letting me know what you teach and if you think i should give first grade another try in the fall or move on to middle school. OR leave a piece of advice, wisdom, or recommended reading. at any rate, i guess i'm glad people think they can relate to my narcissistic ramblings. unless you're telling all your friends about this horrible whiny teacher that hasn't got a clue. lo que sea!

Fellow teacher here. Teaching 1st-3rd Literacy to ELL students. Just thought I'd respond.

First grade teacher in Philly (teaching mostly Hispanic children). I'm currently going to school to be an ESL teacher. Love your blog! Congrats on your landmark!
4th grade, Texas! Hang in there! If you feel like you should change grades, then change! Don't make yourself miserable. Just remember each year you stay in a grade gets easier!
I enjoy your blog because it helps me realize I'm not alone out there. That's one of the bad things about teaching: the isolation. Even though we work with a classroom of students, it is hard to know what other teachers are doing and how we stack up to them. At least, that's how I feel sometimes.

Oh, I'm an adult ed ESL teacher. I have no idea how you elementary teachers do it. I'd go crazy with all those little ones!
I'm currently working as a substitute teacher. I used to be a high school English teacher.

I don't know if you should try to get out of 1st grade and move up to the middle school or not. I don't like to sub for either of those age groups. The first graders are so sweet and funny and eager, but SO HIGH ENERGY. The middle schoolers are surly and mean and don't like learning and SO HIGH ENERGY. I really like teaching third and fourth grade and have been considering going back and getting my elementary certification. I will never teach high school again (I hope).

Piece of advice? I have lots of little scraps of advice that worked for me. My favorite is to write each kid's name on an index card and when giving lectures, asking questions, whatever, just going through the index cards to make sure everyone gets a random turn.

I also was in a school that had little postcards you could send to parents. I would send a few postcards out every week with a postive remark. I'd get them sent out as soon as possible to the students who I were scared might be a problem, to get the parents on my side. The kids and parents all LOVED getting these little postive notes and really helped with relations. Don't know how well that would work in first grade, but it would probably work really well for middle school if you move up.

Carrie (www.queenoframbles.com)
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