miércoles, febrero 09, 2005


look! it's noon and i'm at home!

thumbs up to:
  • the guy who asked teachers at our training to stop wasting our time with a million anecdotes and to get on with the content for the day

  • running into familiar faces at these things

  • finding out that the old friend who got the job i initially wanted was faced with a lot of stressful stuff and a difficult classroom situation... not so fun for her, but keeps me from being regretful or bitter

  • sitting at a back table so you can talk during the millions of teacher anecdotes

  • being able to continue talking once the anecdotes stop because a big tall dude is sitting between me and the instructor

  • thumbs down to:
  • a girl i went to school with finding out where i work and stating, "Oh. You got my job."

  • the awkward silence that followed

  • not knowing if i have a sub covering my reading circle this afternoon

  • forgetting to laminate stuff yesterday so i could do die-cuts after my training

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