martes, febrero 08, 2005


tricksy: an update

so this morning, my high-maintenance mom was the first to arrive with son in tow. i braced myself. she asks how i am, and i politely ask her the same. she says her heath is a little better (i asked her the same damned question yesterday but she was so busy bitching she ignored me) but they want to operate on her again. operate? yes, she's already had one operation before, they put in a pacemaker (new word of the day:marcapasos) that time, but they want to go back in again because she's still having palpitations and breathing problems.

at this point, she moves from the doorway to my guided reading table and has a seat two feet away from me. class officially started two minutes ago, but no other students have shown up. she starts talking about the specialist that her insurance covers and a friend that is a social worker. she starts talking about hereditary conditions and how she only had diabetes while pregnant. time seems to be going backwards and no students are arriving. but when at LAST the teacher next door comes in and asks me to watch her class, and i'm forced to get up and talk to those students, she gets up and wishes me a good day. igualmente. what the fuck? yesterday i was incompetent, today i'm your comadre?

but it goes without saying, today was much better than yesterday. classroom management training tomorrow. let's see if my peers are more annoying than last time.

wait...where were the rest of your students? did they ever show up?
a couple other kids came in during the specialist talk, but unfortunately we have a morning routine established where they do specific activities independently. and (perhaps true to the stereotype), most of my kids consistently arrive after the school bell rings.
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