jueves, marzo 24, 2005


christ almighty, indeed

i half-assed my morning plans with wildly successful results. good day right up until noon, when all hell broke loose.

the 1st grade team leader collapsed in the office during lunch, complaining of chest pains and numbness in one arm. she's 27 and very thin, so we're all very disturbed and worried. the other 1st grade teacher suggested that as soon as my kids were back from lunch we take all the first graders out for recess so we could come up with an afternoon plan. we had just sat down to powwow when several of my boys ran up and told me that one of my students pissed on a tree. on the playground. in front of the ENTIRE first grade. it made me wish for the olden days when you could smack a kid with a ruler. fucking ridiculous. adding insult to injury, as i was filling out the discipline referral i asked if he had a reason for doing it. he couldn't hold it, he claimed, and he didn't think i'd let him go to the bathroom. my bathroom policy during recess is totally lax... i figure if a kid wants to waste their play time on a toilet, that's their right. but to try to pin the piss blame on me? downright fucking LOW. then, at the end of the day when i had my kids plus half of the team leader's class, i realized that my sweet friend that helped out yesterday put the wrong report card copies in the folders and i had to rush and replace EVERYTHING. fuck. and the report cards i managed to send out yesterday all have the master copies that should NOT be anywhere but in my files. double fuck.

hopefully i'll find out more about the team leader's condition tomorrow when i go in to school to get some work done. good friday better be WAY better than this lousy thursday.

My first graders still have the occasional bathroom accident. A few months ago, a kid had an accident and didn't tell me - the mom called me after school to ask why I wouldn't let her daughter go to the bathroom. I told her she didn't ask. Then she told me that her daughter has a bladder problem. Clearly she didn't feel that it was necessary to tell me that at the beginning of the year. Sheesh. But at least mine don't piss in public. Hang in there. :)
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