miércoles, marzo 30, 2005



here's my version of ginny's geeklist:

  • i got glasses in first grade: bigass light purple frames with little flecks of silver glitter. when my students get new glasses, i declare certain days as "día de lentes" so we can all wear our glasses and be proud of them.

  • i was an only child and would often moan and groan about my constant boredom, so my mom would tell me to read the dictionary. and i actually would! a sadder part of my childhood involves my parents buying me board games but not playing them with me, so it would be right hand vs. left hand at hungry hungry hippos, chess, and monopoly. fun, fun, fun.

  • as a child, i organized all my books alphabetically by genre. i created my own little pockets on the inside covers so my friends and family could check out books, and i also taped labels on the spine of each book based on the first three letters of the author's last name and part of the ISBN number. i'm much less anal in my old age: my books are organized by language, then genre, then alphabetically. books by the same author are ordered by date of publication. see? i've gotten much cooler.

  • i do the same damned thing with my CDs.

  • in middle school, i joined the chess club. and i was one of the top three players in the Queens (beginner) division.

  • also in middle school, i rocked UIL competitions. my strongest subject: spelling. my first and second place trophies are up there with all my 7th and 10th place ribbons from track and field. you can't be good at everything.

  • i was on my high school's academic decathlon team. for two years. gold medalist both years. boo yeah. and for la raza that read this: my award-winning speech junior year included a paragraph about selena.

  • i met my first boyfriend on the academic decathlon team. my second boyfriend i met on the school newspaper staff.

  • i have a bachelor degree in linguistics. i spent two and a half years writing an undergradute linguistics honors thesis on spanish academic language proficiency. you really can't get much geekier than that.

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    Wow...there's just something about us teachers. You've got me beat on academic team.
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