lunes, marzo 21, 2005


god is the best excuse

a fellow 1st grade teacher had a parent tell her that her child gave up learning for lent. that's the best excuse ever given, i think.

i'm currently in report card hell. i lost the music and p.e. grades i was given before spring break and writing comments in spanish is a big pain in my ass that is taking way longer than i'd like it to. luckily i have a handy little book that i can pick and choose one-liners from, but i'll still be spending a few hours at home getting it done. that said, i have now officially been at school for ten hours since i had morning duty and then a faculty training. i'm breaking my personal rule of never blogging from school since my computer died on me yesterday... my iBook's screen is now perpetually blue, perhaps the blue screen of death? send positive computer and report card vibes my way. adding to the hectic pace of this week, i've got reading tests to do on half my class (although i did knock out 6 of them today) and at our training i was notified of an english proficiency evaluation i have to do with all TWENTY of my students. due date? this thursday. FANTASTIC.

that's a fantastic excuse!

btw, how are your kids reading?
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