miércoles, marzo 30, 2005


le mando le mando le mando a la niña

yesterday i called a kid guey. force of habit. but i think i covered it up pretty well.

today i had my kids sing happy birthday to my mom. they got super excited and wanted to know what her first name is. althought it really isn't all that similar, they kept thinking i was saying "cruz". despite my insistence, they started chanting "cruz", which naturally turned into "cruz azul", to which i had no choice but to respond "ay que no, ¡viva los tiburrrrrones!" ironically (because the climax guys happen to be from veracruz and actually say that in the final verse of the song) my kids later got in a singing mood and busted into "mesa que más aplauda", followed by "gasolina"--replete with interpretive dance moves! gotta love kids that listen to mexican radio, wo-oh.

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