miércoles, marzo 23, 2005


no mames

after all this report card craziness, GUESS WHO is a dumbass and forgot to pass them out at the end of the day...

i finally remembered when i had two kids left after school, then i ran into a mother and someone's sister, so i managed to get five of them out there. but damn, i'm an idiot.

today was another strange, hazy day. yesterday i blew out the bulb on my overhead projector and i keep forgetting to ask where to get a replacement, so my usual last-minute morning assignments were not an option. i was supposed to have a team meeting AND parent conference during my 45-minute planning period, but the parent cancelled (this would be my third cancellation from her, isn't that swell?) and the team meeting turned into a team trip to the asst. principal to "express our concerns" about the special area teachers' grades... or rather, the lack thereof or presence of students who no longer attend our school. the extra time after our team trip let me make some handy last-minute Texas packets for social studies, which kept my kids surprisingly engaged ALL MORNING LONG. it was a little spooky. adding to the surrealism of my day, a good friend of mine who usually subs called to see if i wanted any help today. just cause she was bored. let me shout it out for you non-teacher readers: if you help out a teacher friend in their classroom with no strings attached, you are giving the greatest gift on EARTH. she helped with all kinds of tedious and time-consuming work that i haven't gotten around to in weeks, made copies, laminated, fielded questions from my kids, and gave me some much-needed adult company during recess. and if all that weren't fabulous enough, she even BROUGHT ME LUNCH. if she weren't already married, she could have easily gotten a proposal out of me by the end of the day.

after school, i had a novice teacher meeting. we spent most of our time coloring. professional development is weird.

That is too funny! Do you ever laugh when this crazy stuff is happening to you? Sometimes I can't keep it in I burst into laughter with the class that I am student teaching for.
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