martes, marzo 15, 2005



ayúdenme, porfas... ¿pueden ver todos los signos/acentos/etc o no? a ver... niño, ¡tu tía no está! i can't tell if my accent problem is based on my coding or on individual browsers/settings, so please let me know what you're seeing in the comments.

spring break is in full effect. i actually got it started early by going out of town thursday afternoon. sad thing is, i still have report cards to do, so i may be stopping by my classroom soon to take care of business. ah well, things are quite different when the mocosos aren't around... let's see how long i can go before i start to miss them. i already feel weird not speaking in spanish all day long, but damn, it feels good staying up until ONE THIRTY IN THE MORNING with NO consequences! i was telling a friend earlier today that that's the worst setback of staying up late during the week as a teacher... the LAST place you want to be hungover is a room full of kids (of any age) for eight straight hours. god bless vacations!

i can see the accents!
i can see the accents as well!
de acá también se ven. estás usando utf-8
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