lunes, marzo 28, 2005


small blessings

  • Por Dios: ¡Qué lindo! A student's big sister left him in my charge early this morning, but not before giving him the sign of the cross. I love it! As I instructed my students about our project for the school-wide word celebration, I used the verb "celebrar". My Jehovah's Witness freaked out and started his usual "Pero maestra yo no puedo celebrar..." schpiel. In my head all I could think was "Dude, the Lord has NO PROBLEM with you celebrating WORDS." Luckily some of his compas reassured him before I could think of a teacherly way to express my thoughts.

  • Por allí: I understand we all skim blogs, but for those of you that might have missed it (coughemecough), one of my kids PISSED on a TREE on the playground in front of the ENTIRE FIRST GRADE. today he was super hyperactive so he spent 95% of recess writing about appropriate playground behavior. i need to figure out other busy work for him to last the rest of the week. suggestions are welcome... the more tedious and painful, the better! If the misbehavior continues before noon tomorrow, the VP is gonna call Mom and break it down. Part of me is secretly hoping he has a bad morning so someone can finally put the fear of God in him.

  • Por fin: The reading specialist mentioned my severe lack of grade-appropriate texts to the principal and I suddenly have a $500 book order budget. Sweeeeet!!!

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    Oh, gosh! I'm trying so hard to think of a creative punishment, but I'm blank for that one! I had a kid once run in front of the other boys peeing in the "trough" in the bathroom. He was ESL from Africa and was limited in words, so all I got was, "He pee on me!" and a frantic expression. What to must think of something creative for that one.
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