sábado, marzo 19, 2005


spring cleaning

no posts this week thanks to an absolutely glorious spring break. i have seen over a dozen musicians/bands in the last five days and have not gone to bed before 1:30 since last wednesday. yup, i'm a badass. and i've got 36 hours left. today, i've got a movie planned followed by the morales vs. pacquiao fight. tomorrow, another set of shows and dinner with an old friend. hmm, wonder when i'm gonna get around to those pesky report cards...

on a geeky note, i've updated the sidebar with new links and a raza section... more political and cultural than the other links i've had up, but by this point i think y'all know how i feel about bilingual ed and its intrinsic ties to culture. i think i was so busy prepping for spring break that i forgot to talk about our quasi-racist and wholly-ignorant speech therapist. ah well, leisure trumps blogging at the moment. enjoy your weekend!

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