viernes, marzo 25, 2005


while i'm digressing...

more random thoughts:
  • this is absolutely ridiculous... what would jesus eat? give me a fucking break. could we PLEASE stop commercializing the lord, his son, and all other related things? of course jesus wouldn't eat foods with trans fatty acids, but it's not like they had flaming hot cheetos back in his day to begin with.

  • there's an issue at school that i was thinking about today... i have one little boy who has pretty flaming behavior at times. before i go any further, i have no problem with homosexuality, i have always had lots of gay and lesbian friends, etc. so with that disclaimer, i have no idea how to handle his lovey-dovey comments to other boys given that all my little mexican students have been raised in their very machismo culture. last week, the same kid that pissed on the tree called another boy a joto because he hugged his friend. he got a firm talking-to from me, but i know for a fact that i don't treat the kid who actually exhibits more stereotypically gay behavior in a way that necessarily defends him. for example, one day another male student helped him with something and he responded "gracias, mi amor!" all the boys in the class freaked out. another time, he was ALL OVER a student in another class and kept gushing about how much he loved him. perhaps the solution is easier than i think, but it's hard to always make the right choice in dealing with these things when i've got kids waiting in line to talk to me and i can only allot a minute or two to gets things resolved.

  • ladybugs are good luck, right? so if a ladybug is on your windshield, that should be a good thing. but what if you start driving and it flies off (supposedly to its death) while you're speeding on the highway?

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    Gulp. Good luck.
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